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How do I pair my Ivy Home charger with the mobile app?

June 15, 2024
5 min read

How do I pair my Ivy Home charger with the mobile app?

To start charging your electric vehicle, begin by seamlessly connecting your charger to Wi-Fi and then pairing it with the account on your Ivy Charging Network 2.0 mobile app. Follow these simple steps outlined below:

  1. Download the Ivy Charging Network 2.0 app from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.
  2. Sign up for an account using your email and phone number.
  3. In the Ivy app, select the My Charger screen.
  4. Select Add My Charger.
  5. Under the “Tell us about your charger” screen select Ivy Home powered by Grizzl-E as the Manufacturer and Ivy Home Smart Charger [Black or White] as the Model.
  6. Select the Next button.
  7. Exit the Ivy app and go to your Wi-Fi settings on your mobile phone.
  8. Connect to the network UC_Smart_ChargerSerial###.
  9. Go back to the Ivy app. The app will verify that you are connected to the charger’s network.
  10. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks.
  11. Enter the Wi-Fi password and confirm the password.
  12. Select the Next button.
  13. Wait for the app to connect and register the charger. Do not close the app or run in the background while the setup process is occurring.
  14. Voila! Your charger is now connected to your mobile app so you can start a charge, monitor your sessions and more. Happy charging!

For additional information, we recommend reading the full manual here.

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