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Ivy Home™️ Smart EV charger.

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Powered by Grizzl-ETM. Made in Ontario. Named the 2023 best charger by NY Times.

ESA-certified home installation. Brought to you by qualified electricians for a safe and worry-free setup.

Reliable Level-2 charging speeds of up to 10 kW. You can charge up to 48 km/hour.

Designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters. Made durable for temperatures as low as -30C.


Compatibility with all EV Models. You you can charge any EV from the comfort of your home.

Save on public charging. Access public fast charging plans at a special monthly price.

Wi-Fi connectivity. Control your charging needs through the intuitive Ivy app.

3-year warranty. We're also here to support you 24/7.

Meet Ivy Home: Your EV’s best friend!

Made in Canada to withstand harsh weather conditions, our Level 2 smart EV charger powered by Grizzl-E, offers a robust solution tailored to your needs. Benefit from a complete package including the charger, 3-year warranty, and professional ESA-certified installation—all for one price. Alternatively, opt for the charger alone. Let's simplify your charging experience, Canadian-style.

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Licensed electrical contractor mounting Ivy Home level 2 electric vehicle charger on shed.

Choose safe and professional installation.

Every level 2 home charger requires a 240V outlet (just like your stove or dryer plug!). With Ivy Home, we take care of the technical details so you can just pair and charge with ease. You only get the safest and ESA-permitted installations with Ivy's network of licenced electrical contractors. 

Ivy Home smart level 2 electric vehicle charger set up in front of house with snowy background.

Made in Canada, for Canada.

Ivy partnered with Grizzl-E to bring Canadians an EV home charger they can depend on — no matter the weather forecast. Our confidence in this charger is unmatched as it was named 2023 Best EV charger by The New York Times.

Level 3 electric vehicle chargers at ONroute location.

Access our public charging network.

Discover Ivy's level 3 and level 2 public charging network across Ontario. Our level 3 fast chargers, including ONroute locations, provide quick top-ups for when you're on the move. Meanwhile, our level 2 destination chargers are perfect for leisurely activities like shopping or errands. Manage both your home and public charging sessions using our Ivy app.

Find a charger.

Download the Ivy app.

Take control of your EV charging, find stations effortlessly and power up wherever you are. Charge at home and on the go with our all-in-one app.


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