Ivy Home.

The smart home EV charger built for Canada.
Powered by Grizzl-E.

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Meet Ivy Home.

Award-winning EV home charger.

Powered by Grizzl-E. Named 2023 best charger by NY Times.

ESA-certified home
installation available.

Professional installation by qualified electricians for a safe and worry-free setup.

Save on public charging.

Access public fast charging plans at a special monthly price.

Ivy Home Smart EV Charger.

Powered by Grizzl-E™. Made in Ontario.

Level 2 charging speeds of up to 10 kW so you can charge up to 48 km/hour.

Designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters with temperatures as low as -30°C.

Compatible with all EV models so you can charge any EV from the comfort of your home.

Wi-Fi connected providing you full control of your charger with Ivy's intuitive app.

Backed by a 3-year warranty and ongoing member support.

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Made in Canada, for Canada.

Ivy partnered with Grizzl-E to bring Canadians an EV home charger they can depend on — no matter the weather forecast. Our confidence in this charger is unmatched as it was named 2023 best EV charger by The New York Times.


An all-in-one home and public charging solution.

Save with Ivy’s Home and Roam™ monthly charging plans.

With the purchase of an Ivy Home charger, you get access to 300 minutes or unlimited charging on Ivy's fast-charging network at a low monthly cost.

Take charge of your journey.

We're growing one of Ontario's largest Level 3 (Ivy Charge & Go) and Level 2 (Ivy Park & Charge) networks. Our fast-charging network includes ONroute locations along highways 400 and 401.


kWh charged

Public charging sessions

Public L2 & L3 chargers across Ontario

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Take control of when you charge.

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