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April 20, 2022
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Ivy Charging Network celebrates Earth Day by offering free charging for EV drivers

TORONTO – In celebration of Earth Day on Friday, April 22, Ivy Charging Network is inviting EV drivers to charge for free at any of its fast-charging Charge & Go or level 2 Park & Charge locations. Free charging at one of Ontario’s largest, most connected networks starts at midnight on April 22 and will be available for 24 hours.

Ivy is working to advance the electrification of the transportation sector by providing simple, intuitive, and reliable EV charging infrastructure solutions that connect EV drivers to the people and places that matter most. Once complete, the charging network will connect Ontario from north to south and east to west with sustainable charging infrastructure that will help support drivers make the switch to a zero emission vehicle.

EV drivers across the province can use Ivy’s app or PlugShare to find a reliable and convenient location across Ivy’s network.

Quick facts:

  • Charge & Go, Ivy’s fast-charger network, offers charging speeds of up to 150 kWs, delivering up to a 100 km charge in 10 minutes.
  • Park & Charge, Ivy’s level 2 charging network, offers community-based chargers for EV drivers who are not in a rush.

Ivy Charging Network is a joint venture between two of North America’s largest clean energy leaders, Hydro One Limited (Hydro One) and Ontario Power Generation (OPG). Natural Resources Canada, through its Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program, provided repayable contributions to Hydro One and OPG to help build Ivy.


“To celebrate Earth Day, we want to thank EV drivers for supporting a cleaner future and charging with Ivy by offering them free charging throughout the day. By alleviating range anxiety and providing EV drivers with an easy and reliable charging experience at convenient locations, we hope more drivers will make the switch to an electric vehicle,” said Michael Kitchen, General Manager, Ivy Charging Network.

“On Earth Day, it is important to consider what we can each do to protect the environment and reduce harmful greenhouse emissions in our communities and neighbourhoods. That’s why the federal government has been working with companies, like Ivy Charging Networks, to make it easier than ever to switch to a zero emission vehicle by building reliable and accessible charging stations across Canada. It’s initiatives like this that that will help put Canadians in the drivers seat on the road to a net zero future,” said the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources.

“Our government applauds Ivy Charging Network’s initiative to support EV drivers on Earth Day, with free charging at their Charge & Go, and Park & Charge stations.” said Minister Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “As Ivy builds out its network of chargers across the province it’s supporting the growing EV market and the historic investments made in our province’s rapidly expanding EV manufacturing sector."

“Earth Day is a time to reflect on how we can protect our environment and offering free charging to electric vehicle drivers is a fantastic opportunity for drivers to get out and explore the nature around them. And with Ivy being one of the largest charging networks in northern Ontario, we believe this is a great opportunity to #wanderON,” said Devin Arthur, Chapter President, EV Society – Greater Sudbury.


About Ivy Charging Network:

Ivy Charging Network is building one of Ontario’s largest and most connected electric vehicle charging networks through its Charge & Go level 3 and Park & Charge level 2 networks. The company opened its first Charge & Go location in 2019 and once complete, will connect Ontario from north to south and east to west. Each Charge & Go and Park & Charge location have multiple chargers all designed to make charging easy, reliable and seamless. Ivy Charging Network is a joint venture between Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation with additional funding provided by Natural Resources Canada.

Our website is ivycharge.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram Twitter @ivycharge and LinkedIn at Ivy Charging Network.

Media can contact Ivy Charging Network Media Relations 24 hours a day at 1-877-506-7584 (toll-free in Ontario only) or 416-345-6868.

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