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March 22, 2024
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Sustainable tourism in Ontario: Choosing eco-friendly experiences

When you hear “eco-friendly,” what comes to mind first? For many, this phrase invokes ideas surrounding cleaner energy, reducing plastic use, or perhaps recycling. And while these are certainly impactful aspects of an eco-friendly lifestyle, a truly sustainable mode of living—and travelling—extends far beyond what you initially might think.

To fully understand eco-friendly tourism, we must consider three important factors that make up sustainability: environmental, social, and economic.

Environmental sustainability.

We are most familiar with this aspect when considering eco-friendly choices. Here, the focus is on reducing our overall environmental impact. This includes being mindful of our energy consumption (like choosing a getaway powered by a cleaner energy source), minimizing waste, and making thoughtful choices such as booking local-first accommodations.

Social sustainability.

Sustainable tourism also considers the socio-cultural aspects of travel. In simple terms, it’s about minimizing the negative impacts of tourism on local communities and cultures while maximizing the positive ones. This might mean staying in establishments that genuinely respect local traditions and cultural heritage while working actively to preserve them or engaging experiences that promote understanding and learning between tourists and locals.

Economic sustainability.

Lastly, economic sustainability ensures that the economic benefits of tourism are equally spread within the local communities. Your travel spending can have a huge impact if directed at businesses that actively support the community workforce because it benefits them directly. Economic sustainability ensures that the financial incentives of tourism align with long-term growth and development for the community.

Travelling has become less about checking locations off a list and more about developing a deeper connection with the locations we visit and contributing positively to them with our actions and choices. It’s about a cleaner and brighter future—for us, the places we visit, and the generations to come.

Eco-conscientious retreats in Ontario.

Natures Harmony Eco Lodge - Eco-conscientious retreats in Ontario

Ontario’s eco-retreats go beyond carbon offsetting, deeply embracing sustainable practices and setting a precedent for responsible travel. We’ll spotlight a selection of destinations where your stay is eco-friendly.

Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge in Mattawa.

Nature’s Harmony goes to great lengths to promote a sustainable way of life. All of its facilities—from heating to lighting and waste disposal—are powered by clean energy sources like the sun, thus reducing pollution.

Silent Lake Provincial Park in Bancroft.

Silent Lake lives by the philosophy of sustainability from the age-old native ethos of leaving no trace. Visitors are encouraged to respect and maintain the park’s natural state while enjoying the wildlife. You can bring your own camping equipment or book a roofed accommodation.

Retreats fostering social integration.

Pine Brae Eco Resort - Retreats championing economic sustainability

Many eco-retreats in Ontario are not just eco-conscious but also socially impactful:

Baltic Luxury Treehouse in Haliburton Highlands.

This unique treehouse retreat takes its relationship with the environment further by using sustainable materials in its construction. It encourages visitors to experience the forest’s magic, fostering an appreciation for the local ecosystem—the perfect destination for all seasons.

Arowhon Pines in Nipissing.

Deep within the Algonquin Provincial Park, Arowhon Pines promotes community interaction and bonding around sustainable living. It is a social retreat where guests can share meaningful memories and enjoy outdoor activities. This retreat allows guests to book gatherings that create meaningful memories and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re looking for the perfect nature spot for your upcoming wedding, then this is the place for you.

Retreats championing economic sustainability.

The Baltic Luxury Tree House - Retreats fostering social integration

Sustainable practices have ripple effects on local economies. Here’s how two retreats are supporting their local economies:

Pine Brae Eco-Resort Escape in Perth.

Located in Elm Grove, Ontario, this peaceful retreat has a one-of-a-kind approach to aiding the local economy. It connects visitors with other attractions in the Perth region, boosting local businesses while fostering an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Algonquin Eco-Lodge

Algonquin Eco-Lodge offers guests a secluded haven that actively supports the local economy. By emphasizing sustainable practices, such as using renewable energy generated by their own waterfall, the lodge provides a low-impact and affordable way to enjoy the area’s natural beauty. Guests are immersed in the serenity of the outdoors, while their stay helps to bolster businesses and services within the Algonquin community.

These retreats prove that offering a unique getaway experience is possible while positively influencing the environment and the local community. It’s not enough to just reduce harm; we must strive to leave a positive imprint on the world.

Begin your eco-friendly adventure, one conscious step at a time.

So, the next time you plan your travels, consider supporting establishments that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world. We encourage you to make conscious choices when booking your trips, opting for eco-friendly options—when possible—that positively impact the environment. Let’s rethink how we’re travelling and start taking action toward a better future for us and the generations to come.

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