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February 6, 2024
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Recharge at Ontario’s ONroute locations.

Are you an electric vehicle (EV) driver travelling frequently across Ontario's busiest highways? Well, if you've been cruising along these routes for a while now, it's time to take advantage of Ontario's best pit stop.

Ivy Charging Network's level 3 fast-charging network has been seamlessly integrated into ONroute locations near you. With the partnership between Ivy, ONroute, Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC), and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), EV drivers can now charge up at 20 convenient ONroute locations along Highways 401 and 400. Each location has 3-4 chargers with speeds of 50 kW - 150 kW available. That's right, no more stressing about finding a charging station on your journey across the province – just pull into an ONroute and power up while you relax and refresh.

But wait, there's more! Each of the ONroute locations is more than just a pit stop – they're full-blown travel destinations designed to enhance your road trip experience. From well-known franchise brands to local favorites, the plazas offer a wide array of fresh and exciting food and beverage options to satisfy any craving. Plus, with a convenient 24/7 ONmarket stocked with essentials and snacks, you'll have everything you need for the road ahead.

Quick facts about Ivy Charging Network's level 3 network at ONroute locations:

  • Ivy Charging Network has installed over 150 level 3 fast chargers at ONroute locations, with more on the way.
  • Each location features between two and four chargers to ensure you're never left waiting.
  • Charging prices are $0.62/kWh tax inclusive.
  • This partnership is part of CTC's commitment to expanding EV charging infrastructure across Canada.

So, the next time you're planning a road trip through Ontario, remember to rest and refresh at ONroute locations along the way. With Ivy's reliable fast chargers and all the amenities ONroute has to offer, you'll not only get to your destination faster but also with peace of mind. Happy charging, and happy travels!

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