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Spotlight: ONroute


Ivy Charging Network, in collaboration with ONroute and its partners, Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), has undertaken a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize road trips for electric vehicle (EV) drivers across Ontario. This partnership aims to provide fast and convenient charging solutions along the province's busiest highways.

The challenge.

With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, the need for reliable charging infrastructure along major highways became evident. The challenge was to create a network that not only catered to the current demand but also had the flexibility for future expansion.

The solution.

Ivy Charging Network's level 3 fast-charger locations have been strategically deployed at 20 ONroute locations along Highways 401 and 400. This extensive network ensures that EV drivers can easily access charging facilities, enhancing their road trip experience.

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  • Extensive coverage: Ivy Charging Network has installed 150+ level 3 fast chargers across all ONroute locations, creating a vast charging network along major highways.
  • Accessibility: Each ONroute Charge & Go location supports the charging of all current models of electric vehicles, including dedicated ports for Tesla drivers.
  • Strategic locations: Ivy’s fast chargers are operational at 20 ONroute stations, strategically placed at key locations such as Odessa, Mallorytown N&S, Trenton N&S, Port Hope, Dutton, West Lorne, Tilbury N&S, Woodstock, Cambridge N&S, King City, Innisfil, Barrie, Ingleside, Morrisburg, and Bainsville.
  • Charging speeds: Offering charging speeds of up to 150 kW, Ivy’s ONroute fast-charging locations provide quick and efficient charging. The energy-based pricing of $0.62/kWh (tax inclusive) ensures transparent and affordable charging for EV drivers.
  • Fast-charging network: Ivy’s level 3 fast-charging network is set to become Ontario’s largest and most connected, delivering up to 100 km of charge in 20 minutes or less, supporting the evolving needs of electric vehicle users. With two to four chargers at each location, Ivy's fast-charging network ensures efficient service for EV drivers, minimizing wait times.

The results.

This strategic partnership represents a significant leap in enhancing the road trip experience for EV drivers. The widespread installation of Ivy’s level 3 fast chargers at ONroute locations ensures that electric vehicle users can travel across Ontario with confidence, knowing that fast and reliable charging infrastructure is readily available.

Expansion plans.

The collaboration between Ivy Charging Network, ONroute, and Canadian Tire is part of CTC's ongoing commitment to expanding EV charging infrastructure across Canada. The success of this initiative opens avenues for further expansion, making electric vehicle charging even more accessible and convenient for Canadians.

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Partnership opportunities.

We invite businesses in Ontario to explore our custom EV charging solutions. If your business or municipality is interested, connect with us. 

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