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June 11, 2024
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Ivy featured in EV Revolution Show podcast episode.

As the days get warmer, people are more eager to get out and about, explore the province, and take in the sun. EV Revolution Show, hosted by Kenneth Bokor, wanted to highlight some of the solutions available to EV owners in the country and invited Ivy’s General Manager, Michael Kitchen, to learn more about Ivy’s public charging network as well as home charging solution.

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Ivy’s goals.

The podcast started with Ivy’s General Manager, Michael Kitchen, answering questions and discussing how Ivy’s network spans over 150 Level 3 chargers and 30 Level 2 chargers all over Ontario. Michael explained that Ivy’s network extends “From Ottawa all the way down to Windsor, all the way up, to Kenora, Fort Frances in the northwest,” with the aim of ending range anxiety so EV owners in the province can freely travel the region. The topic then moved on to the ONroute network: 69 chargers over 20 locations on the major highways.

Ivy is always looking for convenient locations that are safe and easy to access, alongside amenities so customers can enjoy the 20–30 minute charge before they head off into adventure.

Range anxiety.

Whether it’s range anxiety or bladder anxiety, the host touched on how the current technology has allowed us to subvert expectations around EVs. Level 2 home chargers and EV batteries are now strong enough to give you all you need for your daily commute. EV networks have shown new electric drivers that range anxiety is not as fearsome once they start driving electric.

“If you look at various surveys or statistics, you’ll see that once people get an EV and particularly if they get a home charger, they realize that they don’t need as many public charging options as they might have initially assumed,” Michael Kitchen advises.

The Ivy Charging Network app.

This chat was a great platform to share the benefits of the Ivy Charging Network app because, as Kenneth mentioned, EV drivers should prepare for their road trip stops as much as possible. The Ivy app empowers drivers to look at the charging stations on their route and learn more about their status—whether chargers are available, in use, under maintenance and more. Ivy is also on PlugShare and Chargehub, which lets you communicate with the EV community more efficiently to spot chargers in the province. You can also locate Ivy chargers on your favourite navigation apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze and most in-car navigation systems for added convenience.

The chat also covered the aim of interoperability so members of other networks, like Circuit Electrique, can find their charging stations without leaving their go-to app. The goal is to make road trip planning simpler for EV users.

On the subject of payments, the conversation also covered Ivy’s three main options:

  • The mobile app
  • An RFID card
  • The QR code to scan on each of Ivy’s chargers

Energy talk.

Michael and the host discussed energy delivery—and how it depends on location—and the network’s plug availability. The ONroute chargers can deliver up to 150 kW, while the other Level 3 chargers can deliver up 50, keeping up the standard. As for plugs, there’s always a CHAdeMO plug around for any EV that may need it, as well as CCS and Tesla-adapted connectors at all chargers within Ivy’s ONroute network. There’s always something available for any electric vehicle.

Customer support.

After discussing Ivy’s energy-based pricing, the subject turned to the 24-hour customer support line. Any user can call 1-800-301-1950 if they face any issues with their charging experience. Regardless, Ivy monitors their stations constantly, troubleshooting and replacing parts as necessary. The operations team proactively addresses issues to ensure seamless charging for everyone.

Home charging.

Kenneth then asked about Ivy’s turnkey home charging solution. Ivy is very proud of their Level 2 smart chargers and how they have implemented ESA-approved installation along with 24-hour customer support. It’s award-winning, made-in-Ontario charging that forms a key factor of the app. Ivy works with certified electrical contractors that are prepared to handle any installation with total security for you and your home. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about a large upfront payment because Ivy offers monthly payment plans.

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