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March 22, 2024
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How your business can profit from EV charging stations.

For all you business owners: Are you looking for ways to attract more customers to your site? Picture this: You’ve got EV charging stations right at your business doorstep, and EV drivers are loving it. Ready to learn how to charge up your business? Let’s dive in!

Advantages of having EV charging stations at your business.

You could qualify to access government funding which can cover up to 50% of project costs.

Installing sustainable infrastructure in a financially sustainable way? It can be done. Many governments encourage environmentally friendly practices by offering attractive financial incentives or rebates. Combine that with Ivy’s custom charging services to help your business install EV charging infrastructure, and voilá! Your wallet’s heavier; the Earth’s happier. Who doesn’t love some savings? It’s only fair if you’re working towards a cleaner planet.

The Canadian government’s Natural Resources Department offers the Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) that provides funding to support the deployment of EV charging (and other alternative refuelling) infrastructure. Successful applicants can receive up to 50% of total project costs to a maximum of $5,000 per connector. Connect with Ivy to find out the next application dates and don't miss out.

With Ivy's expertise and support, navigating the process becomes seamless. From custom charging services to accessing government incentives like the Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP), Ivy ensures that your installation is not only environmentally friendly but also financially sustainable. Plus, with options like charging-as-a-service, you get the bonus of spreading your costs over 5-7 years. You can learn more about partnering with Ivy here.

Be the pick of the tenant crop.

Step into the future and watch the tenants flock! The eco-conscious generation is here, and they’re going to be looking for places that cater to their lifestyle. Adding EV charging stations shows you’re not just thinking about today—you’re investing in the future. And that’s something every tenant loves to see.

Weighing the costs against the ROI.

Cost considerations and revenue opportunities go hand in hand when it comes to EV charging stations. While installation costs vary depending on factors like station type and existing electrical infrastructure, the return on investment can be surprisingly swift.

According to Energy5’s ROI survey, businesses often see a return on their investment within the first year of installation. Partnering with Ivy ensures you make the most of this opportunity. As one of Ontario’s largest and fastest-growing EV charging infrastructure providers, Ivy offers expertise backed by notable organizations like Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation. Beyond installation, Ivy's team assists you in leveraging government incentives and rebates to minimize costs and maximize value. Plus, your charging station can double as an income source through pay-per-use or subscription services, creating a steady revenue stream that not only covers operational costs but also generates profits.

With Ivy, you're not just installing a charging station; you're driving your business towards a cleaner, more lucrative future.

Drive in! Happy customers, happy business.

Electric vehicle owners are always on the lookout for charging stations. Now imagine you’re their saviour in that situation. While their EV sips on some electric juice at your charging station, your customers are more likely to check out your business, maybe even catch a quick meal or buy one of your products. The customer walks in while their EV charges, and your business booms. It’s a triple-win situation! You can even go a bit further and ideate some products/services intended to allure those EV drivers—maybe a super-tasty vegan meal option, some fun key rings, or even products made of recycled materials. Make them want to come back!

Boost employee morale. Charge ‘em up!

Believe it or not, your employees will love having an EV charging station. It sends out not-so-subtle signals that you do take their convenience to heart. Ivy to the rescue, and suddenly, Mondays look much more fun to your EV-owning staff. Get them involved; make them feel part of it. If they are proud of your cleaner ways, customers will receive that authentic involvement even if they’re not paying much attention.

Gear up for the future. It’s electric!

Clairvoyance isn’t necessary to predict that electric vehicles are the future. Make a smart move now and let your business be future-ready, starting with an EV charging station. So, when the masses switch to electric, guess whose business they’ll frequent more? Yep, the one with the foresight to install those vital charging ports.

So, there you go. Adding EV charging stations is a game-changer for your business. Not only do you score high on the “sustainable quotient,” but the inflow of customers, happy employees, tax savings, and the pride of being future-ready makes it a pretty electrifying deal. Happy charging!

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