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October 31, 2019
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How electric vehicles save drivers money

Costs are one of the main considerations when making the decision to purchase a vehicle and some of the savings to be had by driving electric may surprise you.

Electric vehicles save fuel costs.

An EV driver travelling 20,000 km annually can save up to $2,000 per year on fuel alone, especially if you charge overnight or on weekends when the cost of electricity is normally lower.

Electric vehicles require very little maintenance.

EV drivers save hundreds of dollars per year on maintenance because electric motors have only one moving part and do not require oil changes, coolant flushes, mufflers or exhaust systems.

Most electric vehicles are slightly more expensive to purchase, but less expensive to own.

Electric vehicles are typically somewhat more expensive than equivalent gas vehicles, with most models in the range of $30,000 to $45,000.

However, EVs are less expensive to own. In addition, you can learn more about Canada’s electric vehicle incentives at Transport Canada’s ZEV incentive page.

Electric car batteries are designed to last.

An EV battery is typically under warranty by the auto manufacturer for eight years and designed to last as long as your car. Batteries do age over time however, which will slightly lower your total driving range. Learn more about the cost benefits of owning an electric vehicle at

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