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April 15, 2024
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Environmental impact: Clean energy and EVs.

When it comes to crafting a more sustainable future, every kilowatt is a kilowatt to remember. At Ivy, we’re not just counting those kilowatts; we’re making them count towards a path that leaves a lighter footprint on our planet. So, let’s plug into the juicy details of electric vehicles (EVs) and the potential of clean energy, shall we?

But what is considered clean energy?

Clean energy is like the quiet champion of power generation. It pulls energy from various sources, such as hydro and nuclear, building a strong foundation for a brighter future. It also cuts down greenhouse gas emissions significantly. But clean energy isn’t just about producing power; it’s also about looking after our planet. It paves the way to cleaner air, clearer waters, and an overall healthier Earth.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) stands at the forefront of our bright future, where every kilowatt generated is a testament to their commitment to clean energy. Ten years ago, OPG delivered one of the world’s single-largest actions to combate climate change to date. In April 2014, the company burned its last piece of coal to generate power with the closure of its Thunder Bay Generating Station (GS), making Ontario the very first jurisdiction in North America to remove coal entirely from its electricity system. Today, Ontario has one of the cleanest energy grids in the entire world. Isn’t that amazing?

Additionally, projects like the Darlington Refurbishment underscore OPG’s commitment to low-carbon nuclear power, while its extensive hydroelectric operations harness natural resources for energy production. OPG is critical to Ontario’s existing power needs and propels the province into a sustainable future by advancing clean energy technologies and driving efforts for broader decarbonization.

Expanding capacity: Investments in Ontario’s nuclear future.

Nuclear power is a cornerstone of Ontario’s energy strategy, providing a substantial portion of the province’s electricity capable of generating power around the clock. OPG operates two nuclear facilities: the Darlington Nuclear GS and the Pickering Nuclear GS. Darlington GS, in particular, is undergoing a significant refurbishment project, ensuring its role as a provider of clean, safe, and reliable electricity for decades to come. This refurbishment extends the facility’s operational life and supports the province’s climate change goals by enabling the production of low-emission power.

Hydroelectricity is another key pillar of Ontario’s clean energy portfolio. With more than 60 hydroelectric stations across the province, OPG harnesses the power of water to generate electricity. These faculties vary in size and capacity, contributing significantly to the province’s renewable energy generation.


The importance of embracing clean energy and EVs.

Shifting towards clean energy and electric vehicles (EVs) is more than just an eco-friendly trend—it’s necessary. Here are some key reasons why this transformation is vital for our present and future world.

Mitigating climate change: One of the most significant benefits of clean energy and EVs is their potential to combat the pressing issue of climate change. Traditional energy sources, such as coal and oil, generate substantial greenhouse gases. The Canadian government states that greenhouse gas emissions are the primary driver of global warming. By adopting clean energy sources and electric vehicles (EVs), we can reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Reducing air pollution: Utilizing hydro, nuclear and swithcing to EVs also improves air quality. Fossil fuel-based power plants emit pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter. Similarly, exhaust from conventional vehicles contributes dramatically to air pollution. By embracing clean energy and EVs, we substantially decrease these emissions, improving public health and even potentially extending human lifespans.

Energy security and independence: Clean sources are locally available in most regions, unlike fossil fuels, which are unevenly distributed globally. This abundance and accessibility of this energy can help nations achieve energy security and independence. Meanwhile, using electric cars helps reduce dependency on fossil fuels, further bolstering this energy independence.

The spark of change is electric.

In the world of transportation, a quiet revolution is cruising along Canada's roadways. This revolution is charged, energized, and has zero dependence on the old-school liquid that rhymes with royal. You guessed it: we’re talking about electric vehicles.

It’s clear that EVs are transforming our roads, but it’s not just about innovation and tech-savvy trends. We’re looking at a profound shift in how we consider our interaction with the environment. EVs offer a sustainable means of transportation, reducing the amount of emissions traditionally coughed out by their fossil-fuelled cousins. As they whisper down the road, they say “goodbye” to exhaust fumes and “hello” to cleaner air.

The current state of play.

Statistics from Natural Resources Canada show that, as of 2020, transportation accounts for 26% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Now, plug EVs into that equation, and we start to see a different sum altogether. With each EV on the road, we’re dialling back on those emissions. Ivy is part of this equation, powering EVs with a network of reliable stations across Ontario.

Building the grid for good.

The real power behind this electric revolution is energy: the clean, sparkly kind that comes from sources that keep giving, like sunshine and water. At Ivy, we pride ourselves on shaping an energy network that seamlessly complements the rise of EVs. Our goal is to provide the essential infrastructure EVs require to ensure a smooth and reliable charging experience for drivers, supporting the transition to a sustainable mode of transportation. Our network’s expansion across Ontario includes Level 2 destination charging and extensive Level 3 fast charging, capable of delivering up to 150 kW for a speedy boost. With amenities nearby, you can stretch your legs and grab a bite while your EV sips on some electrons.


Beyond taking care of the planet.

Electric vehicles are swiftly becoming the dream ride for families across Canada, and it’s not hard to see why when you get down to the nuts and bolts of their benefits. Here’s how EVs make a huge difference in the journey towards clean, more sustainable living.

Saving money: Driving electric eliminates fuel costs as EVs power up on electricity. Over time, the savings accumulate, making it a more affordable option than traditional gasoline vehicles. Furthermore, maintenance expenses for EVs are typically lower since they have fewer moving parts that are prone to wear and tear.

Safer vehicles: Modern electric vehicles are designed with top-tier safety features, providing an added layer of protection for drivers and passengers. Their lower center of gravity makes them less likely to roll over, and their reduced risk of major fires or explosions makes them a solid choice for families across Canada..

New jobs: The rising popularity of EVs is also driving the creation of new jobs. From manufacturing, servicing, and charging stations, there’s a growing industry around electric vehicles. This growth bolsters the economy and develops a skilled workforce for a cleaner andl future.

Nearby chargers: With a growing infrastructure supporting electric vehicles, finding charging stations in Ontario has never been easier. The availability of nearby chargers adds to the convenience of owning an EV, offering options to charge at home or at public stations. This enhanced accessibility further encourages the shift towards electric vehicle adoption.

The journey to a sustainable future is not solitary but a collective endeavour that calls for broad participation—from individuals to businesses, and from local communities to national governments. The pursuit of clean energy and widespread adoption of electric vehicles is emblematic of our commitment to this shared global mission. Through innovation, dedication to quality, and a deep-seated understanding of the importance of environmental stewardship, we at Ivy provide clean solutions for efficient transportation across Ontario.

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