With summer well underway, we have some tips for driving an EV this season! » Ivy Charging Network

1. Get some shade

No one likes getting in a warm vehicle, so park your EV in the shade whenever possible.

2. Cool off ahead of time

While air conditioning doesn’t affect range as much, you can still use the precondition feature to cool off your cabin before heading out. Be sure to precondition your EV when it is plugged into a charging source

3. Use regenerative braking

EVs have regenerative braking to help recharge the battery, so you can use this feature to help extend your range. Depending on your EV model, there are options to manage regenerative braking on your dashboard screen

4. Get to know (and take care of) your EV

Every EV model is different from its features to the overall range, so it’s important to get to know and understand your vehicle. The ‘eco mode’ is a feature most EVs have and can help reduce the amount of battery you use while driving.

If you’ve traveled this season already, take a look at any potential items you can clear out to help reduce the overall weight. Even if it’s minimal change, it will help!

Remember to always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle too. Happy driving this season!