What is Ivy's new kWh-pricing pilot? » Ivy Charging Network

What is Ivy’s new kwh-pricing pilot?

We are excited to introduce per-kilowatt-hour (kWh) pricing at all ONroute locations. Our rate is set at $0.62 per kilowatt-hour, tax-inclusive, at these chargers.

How does per-kWh pricing work?

With this pricing model, the rate is based on the amount of energy, measured in kilowatt-hours, consumed during your charging session. To calculate the total cost of your charging session, Ivy multiplies the number of kilowatt-hours consumed by the per-kWh rate.

Example: During your session, your vehicle consumes 20 kWh. The cost of your charging session would be: 20 kWh x $0.62/kWh = $12.40