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Ivy Innovation Lab.

We're revolutionizing the way you charge your electric vehicle (EV) at home and on-the-go. Join the Ivy Innovation Lab today and help us reimagine EV charging. 

Change is here. Download the new Ivy Charging Network 2.0 App to experience one of Ontario's best EV charging networks on your journey.

We are always looking to improve the way you charge and travel in an EV, which is why we created the Ivy Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab is designed to test and get input from our Ivy members on how we can improve our current services as well as develop new products to meet your unmet needs. 

Sign-up today, and be the first to provide your feedback and test our new products. 

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Help us shape the future of electric vehicle charging.

The Ivy Charging Network 2.0 app is here. 

Charge at home and on the go. Download now!