Why drivers love electric vehicles » Ivy Charging Network

Electric vehicles are smooth, silent and have better acceleration than gas cars because they are able to deliver full torque to the wheels immediately. For people who switch to electric, the performance is often one of the biggest surprises. Many EV drivers say they’ll never go back to gas.

Electric vehicles are safe.

Electric vehicles are just as safe as gas vehicles. They’re fully licensed for Canadian roads, are subject to the same safety tests as any other car and outfitted with the same safety features such as airbags, rear-view cameras, lane assist warnings, etc.

Many electric vehicles have exceptional range.

Electric vehicle battery technology is developing rapidly and today’s electric vehicles can travel over 200 km on a single charge – some can travel over 400 km.

Need to go farther? That’s where Ivy comes in. At Ivy stations you can put 100 km of charge on your battery in approximately 20 minutes.  

Charging with Ivy is almost always less expensive than fueling a gas car.

Assuming a gas price of $1.25 per litre and average vehicle efficiencies, 100 km worth of gas would cost approximately $9.00 whereas charging with Ivy costs approximately $6.30 per 100 km.

Electric vehicles are the perfect commuter cars.

Most people’s commutes are well within the range of today’s electric vehicles. EVs are also better in heavy traffic as they don’t continue to burn fuel when stopped.

Electric vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. Today there are a wide variety of makes and models of electric vehicles available for purchase in Canada, from compacts cars to mid size SUVs. Visit Plugndrive.ca for more information on EV makes and models.