Fast Charging 101: What is DC Fast/Level 3? » Ivy Charging Network

The majority of EV charging happens at home, but for those days when you’re on the road and need a fast charge there are DC Fast Chargers, commonly called Level 3 chargers. Level 3 charging stations are like gas station replacements for electric cars that typically charge a battery from empty to 80% in 30–45 minutes or less.

Most Level 3 charging stations, including Ivy, are pay-per-use and bill by the minute and can charge 100 km of range in approximately 20 minutes or less.

DC Fast chargers have 3 different plug standards.

  • SAE-Combo (also called Combined Charging System or CCS) is used by most North American and European manufacturers.
  • Many Asian manufacturers use the CHAdeMO standard. Ivy includes both of these standards on each charger.
  • Tesla uses a proprietary standard that only Tesla vehicles can use. While Ivy stations do not use this standard, most Tesla vehicles can use Ivy chargers via an optional adapter sold by Tesla.

Ivy will be Ontario’s most expansive network of DC Fast Chargers. Find one near you and try it out soon by downloading the Ivy App on the Apple App Store and Google Play.