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Top tips for driving an EV in the cold!

Whether you’re a seasoned EV owner or recently made the switch, it’s important to remember how to care for your EV during the winter – especially in Ontario.

We’ve put together some of the top tips to help you get the most out of your EV this season.

1. Warm up your cabin and battery before heading out.

It’s all about your battery. Instead of using your battery to warm up your vehicle, most EVs come with a precondition feature that you can use to warm your cabin and battery. Be sure to precondition your EV when it is plugged into a charging source.

2. Turn down the heat once you’re on the road

Once on the road, turn down your cabin temperature to a more comfortable setting and rely on other features, such as a seat or wheel-warmer. This will help extend your battery life while driving because you’re using less heat.

3. Regenerative braking versus manual braking

EVs use regenerative braking to help recharge the battery, but colder temperatures can affect this feature. You’ll need to rely on manual braking and this means you may be using more battery power than usual.
Depending on your EV model, there are options to manage regenerative braking on your dashboard screen.

4. Know your route

Since cold temperatures affect range, it’s important to know your route and any places you can stop at for a charge, if ever needed. A fast-charger will help you get back on the road much quicker than a Level 1 or 2 charger. Download the Ivy app to see our locations nearest you!

5. Know your EV

Every EV model is different from its features to the overall range, so it’s important to get to know and understand your vehicle. The ‘eco mode’ is a feature most EVs have and can help reduce the amount of battery you use while driving.

We hope these tips help you on your next ride this season! Remember to also keep essential items in your EV, such as a snow brush and window scraper along with an emergency vehicle kit.