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EV Charging Tips

Troubleshooting at Ivy Chargers

Having an issue at an Ivy charger? Here are some troubleshooting tips: Chargers can timeout if they are plugged in without an initiated charge. Try returning the connector to its holster and initiating a new charge before plugging in again. Some vehicles will not accept a charge if any power is being used by your…

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How to charge with Ivy.

Charging on-the-go is easy with Ivy. Become a member. There are 3 easy ways to join: Download the app Visit and register, or Give us a call at 1.888.550.5155 How to charge. Remember, only one car per station can charge at a time. Plug in your vehicle Activate your session through the app, by…

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Fast Charging 101: What is DC Fast/Level 3?

The majority of EV charging happens at home, but for those days when you’re on the road and need a fast charge there are DC Fast Chargers, commonly called Level 3 chargers. Level 3 charging stations are like gas station replacements for electric cars that typically charge a battery from empty to 80% in 30–45…

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