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Electric Vehicle Benefits

Ivy, ONroute and Canadian Tire put a big charge into road trips

Electric vehicle fast-charging to be available at ONroute locations on Highways 401 and 400 TORONTO, December 1, 2021 – Electric vehicle (EV) drivers will soon be able to charge at all ONroute locations along the province’s busiest highways, thanks to an agreement between Ivy Charging Network and ONroute and its partners, Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC)…

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How electric vehicles save drivers money

Costs are one of the main considerations when making the decision to purchase a vehicle and some of the savings to be had by driving electric may surprise you. Electric vehicles save fuel costs. An EV driver travelling 20,000 km annually can save up to $2,000 per year on fuel alone, especially if you charge…

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Environmental benefits of electric vehicles

Why are EVs the cars of the future? Well, because they’re great. But also because replacing our gas-guzzlers with EVs powered by low-carbon electricity is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change. Climate change and electric vehicles The transportation sector is Ontario’s largest source of greenhouse gases, accounting for roughly 30% of…

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Why drivers love electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are smooth, silent and have better acceleration than gas cars because they are able to deliver full torque to the wheels immediately. For people who switch to electric, the performance is often one of the biggest surprises. Many EV drivers say they’ll never go back to gas. Electric vehicles are safe. Electric vehicles…

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